Sorry : “Let the Lights On” Track Review

Who needs another love song? How many heartbroken hybrids of guitar, bass and drums can you embrace? In the run up to their second album, anywhere except here, Sorry, I’ve made an exhilarating case for the form. Earlier this year, the north London quintet released “There’s So Many People That Want to be Loved,” an “Eleanor Rigby”-esque downtrodden inventory of lonely people and their petty, dreary habits. On her latest single, “Let the Lights On,” Sorry takes a U-turn and leaves all those lonely crying hearts in the dust.

“Let the Lights On” draws out the happiness and anxiety of new love. Vocalist Asha Lorenz compulsively spits out phrases like “I need you,” “I found you,” “I love you!” confessions that scald her mouth like Listerine, downright painful if kept up too long. Their multi-track howls erupted from the background, as if sent out by drunken cheerleaders. Meanwhile, rusty sheets of guitar and bass give their melodies a frayed edge, and thumping drums bridge the gap between grunge and electro-pop. Sorry, I could have settled for a silly little love song, but they pulled off one that hurts, like kissed lips, red and raw.

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