Song Premiere: GA-20 “By My Lonesome”

Photo by Jessica Calvo

Boston blues trio GA-20 have their first full-length live LP, live in the country of love on the horizon, just over a month away, it will be released on March 17 via Colemine/Karama Cheif Records.

Comprised of Matthew Stubbs, Pat Faherty and Tim Carman, the ensemble has enjoyed a wave of growth and success as unexpected blues fans are swept away by their raw, convulsive sound that can make the walls swell with sweat. their shows, and with their next live concert. album, they have captured that energy.

live in the country of love is encompassed in 11 ferocious performances, five from his album Bell (2022), three of Lonely soul (2019) and three previously unrecorded previously unreleased tracks. Throughout his repertoire, GA-20 uses his deep familiarity and unwavering dedication to the blues with vigorous playing, making old and original versions his own.

live in the country of love was recorded live direct-to-tape on a vintage Tascam 388 at Plaid Room Records in Loveland, Ohio, the home of the iconic Colemine label. The project was produced by Stubbs and designed by Colemine’s owner, Terry Cole. Together they successfully captured the elusive intensity of GA-20’s live shows.

“There’s a special kind of energy that’s exchanged when we play in front of a live audience, and we definitely feed off of that and wanted to capture that. I love the power and energy of the best live blues albums,” Stubbs said. “Historically, some of the most iconic blues and jazz records have been performed live. baby king live in the real I change my life. So did Hound Dog Taylor Beware of the Dog! and Albert King Live Wire/Blues Power. We really wanted to continue that tradition and make one of our own.”

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Today, we premiere GA-20’s live performance of “By My Lonesome,” a cut from Bell found in live in the country of love. The song sees the ensemble playfully balanced on raucous, hurling heavy percussion, relatable riffs and growls and searing vocals at high speeds. The sound is loose, but it fills the room with such vigor that it seems as if it could almost stretch the façade outward.

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a great song for lovers who choose to drink alone,” Stubbs said of the song to relic.

The sheer size of the sound makes the lyrics even more digestible, as GA-20 fiercely advocates for freedom, suggesting that being alone isn’t all that bad, in fact, through their searing sound fronted with vocals, they do. dream. something lovely

Reserve GA-20 live in the country of love here.

Listen to the live premiere of GA-20’s “By My Lonesome” below.

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