Lankum: False Lankum Album Review

After that success, fake Lankum it was conceived under uncertain circumstances. During Dublin’s recurring pandemic lockdowns, the foursome (Peat, brothers Ian and Daragh Lynch and Cormac Mac Diarmada) gathered in an old fort at sea to write the follow-up to their acclaimed breakthrough. In isolation, they looked to Dublin and the water, returning with a successor that takes what worked on their previous album and pushes it further in all directions. fake Lankum spreads out, dense with ideas.

By their own admission, the band is going for greater extremes this time around. fake Lankum it alternates between moments of quiet and fragile beauty: “Clear Away in the Morning,” “Newcastle,” and “On a Monday Morning” are all straightforward acoustic numbers, and they further abstract and fragment the traditions on which they’re based. Next, “Master Crowley’s” day of a lifetime stands out “The Pride of Petravore” by turning an animated reel into something that gasps and gasps as if it were constantly in danger of collapsing in on itself. It eventually turns into scraping ropes and ominous rumbles; a similar trick occurs on one of Daragh Lynch’s originals, “Netta Perseus,” built on undulating guitar until the song breaks up with synths and percussion. “The New York Trader” is a rare moment that hints at the punk youth of the Lynch brothers, displaying a frothy intensity and atypical aggression for Lankum.

Sometimes fake Lankum it sounds less like understated songs and more like a long fever dream made up of scenes from centuries, familiar shapes that become unrecognizable once filtered through the band’s idiosyncratic vision. That ever-enduring metaphor of the sea became the foundation of the album: Lankum swims through the stories, then realizes that each song is somehow related to the water and the horizon, whether in violence or serenity. . “The Turn”, another original, ends the album with a ship sailing in the distance and a long chorus that gives way to a final dron. It feels like fake Lankum fading into the mythology that gave birth to it, and continues to advance into unknown waters in search of something as eternal and human as it is strange.

Lankum: Fake Lankum

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