Kari Faux Taps Big K.R.I.T. for New Song “Turnin’ Heads”: Listen

Kari Faux has teamed up with Big KRIT for a new song titled “Turnin’ Heads”. It’s her second single of the year, following January’s “Me First.” “Turnin’ Heads” pays homage to the southern rapping of Faux’s childhood in Little Rock, Arkansas. Listen below.

“This song is a time machine that takes me growing up and living in the South,” Faux explained in a statement. “Just getting paid, going to town and seeing cars with candy paint and big wheels and aspiring to have that day for myself. It was an honor to have Big KRIT as a collaborator because he was one of the rappers that inspired me and made me proud to be country.”

Kari Faux’s most recent album, Discreet Superstar (Deluxe)came out in 2021. That same year, he appeared in Mykki Blanco’s Broken hearts and restful sleep in the song “Summer Fling”. Prior to that, Faux appeared on Open Mike Eagle’s “Bucciariati” from his LP. Anime, Trauma and Divorce, and she dropped the Cry 4 Help PE in 2019.

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