Half Hour Late “Gettin’ By”

Shoreline San Deigo outfit Half Hour Late has been delivering sonic waves of funk, R&B, rock and blues since the early ’20s. Self-proclaimed “your girlfriend’s favorite band,” the outfit emerged in a shed on Ocean Beach and have since delighted with their laid-back style and flowing sound, earning them a nomination for Best Pop Album of 2022 at the San Diego Music Awards.

Today, we debut Half Hour Late’s new video for “Gettin’ By,” a testament to their connection, creativity, and musicianship that’s sure to make fans raise dust. The video was filmed in the remote deserts of southern California, including Slab City, which is considered by some to be the “last free place in America.” The clip is shot mini movie style with a warning before the video begins, credits include Zack Stillwater, Riley Dring, David Pozay, Kasey Dring and special guest Rick “The Lips” Harris.

The film, directed by Daniel M. Dyer, quickly hits full throttle as he begins a van expedition through the dirty but liberated landscape, and the protagonist is picked up at a gas station with only a guitar in hand. As the catchy beats cascade throughout the track, the respective members of the group rise to their feet, their shared joy building up in a snowball effect. They play on the go, stopping at skate parks and one-off parties before, just as quickly as the leader was picked up, he was gone, just as he was, without his guitar.

“On the second night after another full day of filming, our production’s leisurely expedition to find a quiet place to camp quickly turned into a lesson in hard work,” Dring said. “Equipped with nothing more than a shovel and sheer will, our three trucks trusted us to get back to savoring the sweet pavement. Those 4 hours taught us what it really takes to get ahead.”

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Most notably, Half Hour Late will be featured at San Diego’s massive OB St. Paddy’s Day festivities on March 17, 2023.

Enjoy the premiere video for “Gettin’ By” below.

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