Feist Shares Video for New Song “Borrowed Trouble”: Watch

Feist is back with another new song from his upcoming album, Crowds. The latest single, “Borrow Trouble,” comes with a music video co-directed by Mary Rozzi, Colby Richardson, Heather Goodchild, and Leslie Feist. Look at the image below.

“’Borrow Trouble’ caused some problems trying to finish recording,” Feist said in a statement. “It started as a contemplative acoustic moral tale and became the sound of the problem itself. It is a mess that has its own logic. It’s the compelling cacophony that thoughts can be. It cuts you off until your overwhelming bursts a supply of air in the form of another idea, a solution that begins with the acceptance that there is no such thing as perfection.”

Crowds It comes out on April 14. In addition to “Borrow Trouble”, the new album includes the songs “Hiding Out in the Open”, “In Lightning” and “Love Who We Are Meant To”.

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