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Stream the COMBINED playlist:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

“astronomical lawn”

From the album Changes


The statistics on King Gizzard’s colorful career add up fast: 23 albums, 13 of them in the Top 20 in Australia, where they are now arguably the country’s most innovative, important and productive rock band.

moon unit



Just fine

Moonunitt heads into 2023 with the sirens on with her new single “Cops!”, available exclusively through relic ahead of its release on 4/20. The group best known for their energetic and engaging live performances returns to the stage on March 31 at Our Wicked Lady in New York. Tickets available now!

Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe

“Killing the (with George Clinton)”

From the album counterclockwise

Art2Life Records

Lantz Lazwell is a larger-than-life figure, part guitar hero, part soul brother/comic book character, embodying a renaissance of funky, blues, rock and soul music. counterclockwisehis new release, features some legendary artists: George Clinton, Norwood Fisher, Stephen Perkins and Eric McFadden.

rider believes

“All the love”



Based in St. Louis, Cosmic Americana songwriter Cree Rider blends aspects of country, rock, blues, and folk with a mind-bending, cosmic approach to lyrics and storytelling. Plus, he checks out his Cree Rider Family Band, which also has three full-length albums.

Jesse Lynn Wood



big fat dress

California singer Jesse Lynn Madera has just released her version of “Unchained,” the haunting and gripping song originally recorded by Johnny Cash and produced by Rick Rubin in 1996. Acoustic solo performed by Brian Whelan. Produced by Dan Navarro (Lowen & Navarro).

Tyra Penn and her army of snakes

“Underlying Trend”

From the album the last day of august


Tyra Penn and Her Army of Snakes occupy the space between jazz, blues and folk rock. the album is the last day of augusta special story, told in song and based on an extraordinarily beautiful novel, John Crowley’s modern day fairy tale “Little, Big.”

Roger Friedman Street

“Love Hope Trust”

From the album Love Hope Trust

Arcade Records LLC

Love Hope Trust is the fourth album by acclaimed singer-songwriter Roger Street Friedman. Jim Allen of Culture Sonar says, “…the warmth and humanity of Jackson Browne, the melodic grace of Paul Simon and the easy-rolling Americana music of John Hyatt.” Produced by Larry Campbell, it’s available everywhere.

bruce sudano

“Make the world disappear”


purple heart recording company

Hit singer-songwriter (Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Michael Jackson and Donna Summer) Bruce Sudano teamed up with producer and hit mixer Ken Lewis for his latest single. “Make the World Go Away” is a powerful anthem for people who need a break, blurring the lines between folk, blues and pop.


“A little 2 hi”

From the album Sun Hotel


Neybas’ latest album has a summer vacation vibe to it, and this song is no exception. The seventh song on the album, this is a reggae-influenced song about a blind date that takes place in a state that has legalized cannabis.

silver heels

“The Song of the Wind in the Pines”

From the album silver heels


Born in the salty south of Maine in the winter of 2019, Silver Heels are a folk-rock band that have caused a sensation on the Portland scene with the release of their self-titled debut album. Silver Heels is Owen Howes, Mike O’Neal, Charles Kemos, Ian Leavitt, David Vitali and Joe Greene.


“The Spice”



Inspired by Newport’s stunning coastline and local surf culture, the Z-Boys have established themselves as a dazzling live act willing to cross genre lines in the name of musical excellence. Like their Dogtown namesake, they’re willing to take big musical risks and always seem to stick with the landing.

ReverbNation Winner: James Ethan Clark and The Renegades

“Daylight comes, daylight goes (with Leah Blevins)”



James Ethan Clark & ​​The Renegades (JECATR, affectionately) is an American/Indie-rock band based in Nashville. After dropping a few singles in recent years, JECATR plans to release a full-length project later in 2023, their first since their self-titled debut in 2013, exactly 10 years ago.

Editor’s Pick: Ripe


From the album bright blues

glass note records

The members of Ripe have never felt more confident about the band or their music. bright bluesRipe’s second album, is enjoying great radio buzz, with new single “Settling” reaching Top 15 on AAA and Top 25 on ALT, with over 16K+ radio tours garnering over 15 million impressions. .

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