Chat Pile Share Song From New Brothers in Christ EP: Listen

Oklahoma City’s Chat Pile have announced a new split EP with Kansas City’s Nerver. The four song release is called brothers in Christ, and it’s out April 14 (via Reptilian/The Ghost Is Clear). The first offering on the EP is Chat Pile’s “Cut,” which vocalist Raygun Busch said was inspired by Stephen King. Listen below.

“‘Cut’ is an homage to King’s short fiction,” Busch explained, “particularly ‘The Man Who Loved Flowers,’ ‘Strawberry Spring,’ and ‘The Jaunt.'”

Chat Pile bassist Stin added: “These tracks were written and recorded after we tracked god’s country.” He continued: “We wanted to use this release as a deliberate excuse to switch gears and fully lean into our more indie and alternative rock leanings. Slint, Sonic Youth, Guided by Voices and Starfish’s Stellar sonic solutions They were certainly on our minds at the time.”

read about god’s country at number 39 on “The 50 Best Albums of 2022”.

brothers in Christ PS:

01 Nerver: “Kicks in the sky”
02 Nerve: “The Nerve”
03 Pile of chat: “King”
04 Chat Bunch: “Cut”

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